Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership

Our Lessons in Leadership series is designed to serve professionals and their partners — on their terms in their environment — with time tested application of wise leadership principles.  Each lesson is taught via DVD by some of the most respected leaders in our society.  In addition to the content shared by the experts, personal representatives of the college serve each study group as facilitators encouraging participants to reflect upon the material covered and how it can impact their business.  Lessons are typically conducted at participants’ workplace and during none income producing business hours such as early in the morning, during the lunch hour or towards the conclusion of the business day.  

Additional details are provided below for your consideration as to how this program might  benefit you and your working colleagues:

GiANT Impact’s Leadership Experts include:

  • JOHN MAXWELL - Leadership expert and best-selling author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • MARCUS BUCKINGHAM - Strength strategist, best-selling author and researcher
  • PATRICK LENCIONI - Best-selling author and president of The Table Group
  • SHEENA IYENGAR - Author of The Art of Choosing and Inaugural S.T. Lee Professor of Business, Columbia Business School
  • TIM TEBOW - NFL quarterback and New York Times bestselling author
  • ANDY STANLEY - Best-selling leadership author and communicator

GiANT Impact Sample Leadership Materials:

Our Lessons in Leadership topics include:

  • How to make wise choices,
  • Ways to be intentional with your strengths and use them in the context of a team,
  • How to lead an innovative and industry changing enterprises,
  • Keys to making professional choices that positively impact your family,
  • Psychology behind how and why we make choices,
  • How to make the right choices amid tragedy, and
  • Making the choice to lead today!

How might we serve you?

We would welcome further dialogue to discuss how Lessons in Leadership might can be of service to you and your company.  Please feel free to contact our Lessons in Leadership coordinator, Jack Eyer, by phone at (205) 970-9238 or via email at jeyer@sebc.edu.