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by Don Hawkins

In the tradition of C. S. Lewis . . . The powers of darkness now efficiently organized as a modern multinational corporation, have developed a new and insidiously effective plot for the hostile takeover of God’s kingdom.  They plan to plant and promote counterfeit spiritual gifts in the members of a local church.  They mean business.  Their ultimate assignment?  To snare human souls for their sinister CEO.



flambeau Version 2.0
By Don Hawkins

The dark forces from are back!  Glencrest Bible Church is in for a rough ride…and your church may be next. 

In the tradition of C. S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters, flambeau 2.0 continues the sage of Satan’s corporate minions dedicated to destroying the church in our age.



Friends In Deed
By Don Hawkins

Where are all the Good Samaritans? A man is mugged. Passers-by stand and watch. A woman and her children are stranded with car trouble. No on stops to help. A man in an airport collapses from insulin shock, but people are too busy to notice.

Amazing technical advances in communication have made our world a global village. Yet we feel less connected and more isolated than ever before. In our society, a number of roadblocks keep us from reaching out to one another: apathy, fear, materialism, past hurts, prejudice, selfishness.

Friends in Deed will help us reconnect—reach out to others, relate, and care. Don Hawkins encourages us to return to agape love, the kind of love Jesus described in the story of the Good Samaritan.



Just Like Us
By Frank Minirth, M.D., Don Hawkins, D.Min and  Roy Voge, Ph.D.

15 Biblical Stories with take-away messages you can use in your life.  Discover how God can use you, just as He used the Heroes and Heroines of the Bible.



Master Discipleship
Jesus’ Prayer and Plan for Every Believer
By Don Hawkins

Using six essential statements by Jesus in the Upper Room Discourse of John 17, Don Hawkins traces the key principles of disciple-making to their most basic source–the concepts and practices of Jesus Himself.

Master Discipleship is a practical, “how-to” tool for pastors, group leaders, and individual Christians who want to further their own growth in the faith and lead others to a deeper leavel of discipleship.



Never Give Up
By Don Hawkins

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. Faced with circumstances that seem utterly impossible, we’re ready to throw up our hands in despair. If you have felt like giving up lately, this book is for you.


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