Job: Student Laboratory Worker

Job Details

Title Student Laboratory Worker
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location Southeastern Bible College Lab
Job Information

Supervisor: Professor/Instructor of Science
Purpose: maintain the science lab. Keep it in good operating condition.
Hours: negotiable
Education: High school diploma or GED
» Recording time/clock in and out appropriately
» Clean and maintain lab, making sure lab area is presentable
» Clean and maintain lab glassware and equipment
» Organize and store lab materials appropriately
» Prepare chemical solutions or mixtures per instructions
» Set up materials for student labs per instructions
» Clean up and store materials after student labs have finished
» Inventory/maintain list of lab supplies/materials/equipment
» Prepare lists of lab supplies that need to be ordered
» Weigh and discard lab wastes per instructions
» Maintain lab wastes logbook
» Clean and maintain saltwater fish tank
» List tank supplies used and list materials to reorder
» Prior lab experience helpful (including educational labs)
» Able to lift a five gallon bucket of water