Job: Maintenance Assistant

Job Details

Title Maintenance Assistant
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location Southeastern Bible College Campus
Job Information

Superior: Facilities Director
Purpose: aid in maintenance of buildings and grounds on Southeastern Bible College campus
» Responsible for keeping track of time worked by clocking in and out.
» Responsible to complete tasks which the maintenance supervisor assigns, including but not limited to:
» Replacement of light fixtures/bulbs/ceiling tiles
» Keeping the grounds clean and presentable (collecting trash, killing weeds, etc.)
» Making areas presentable for planned school events (cleaning, setting up tables/chairs,
» May occasionally be required to perform certain housekeeping duties, depending upon the need (collect trash, vacuum, etc.)
» Should keep an eye out for any areas in need of improving, repair, etc., and report these to the facilities director when necessary.
» Must have at least rudimentary knowledge in the area of mechanics, plumbing, and
» There are no credentials required, though certification/ licensing in the area of maintenance is a plus.