Bio – Lynn Gannett-Malick

Lynn Gannett-Malick

Lynn received a BA in Bible w/emphasis in Christian Education from SEBC in 1973; an M.A. in Guidance and Counseling from UAB in 1974; an M.A. in Christian Ministries from Wheaton College in 1975; an M.A. in Human Resource Management from Ohio State University in 2003; and a Doctorate of Education in Counseling and Student Personnel Service in Higher Education from the University of Memphis in 1980.

Lynn became the Director of Enrollment Management at SEBC in 2006.  She was soon appointed as an associate professor and advisor in Education and Chair of the Department of Education.  Lynn’s ministry experience includes church ministry, consulting, teaching and writing.  She is an excellent instructor and is well-liked by her students.

Lynn and her husband, David E. Gannet-Malick, live in Greystone Farms and have a black lab named Gandalf and a cat lovingly called Kitty.