Bio – Hugh Huguley

Hugh Huguley

Hugh Huguley, a native of Alabama, has enjoyed 40 years of teaching Bible and Missions at Southeastern Bible College. Prior to this time, he and his late wife Barbara, an SEBC graduate, spent twelve years as missionaries in Alaska. There Hugh was initially the Superintendent of a home for delinquent, neglected, and abused Native youth and thereafter a church planter and developer.

Hugh is the father of two older children, Paul and Robin. Since his 2001 marriage to Julie Bicking, an SEBC graduate, he has become the father of two younger children, Harley and Bethey. Among Hugh’s great joys are family times and classroom interactions with students. He also delights in leading student missions teams for short-term service, the latter involving 23 ventures abroad.

As an avid football fan Hugh especially enjoys watching Alabama, Auburn, and University of Alabama at Birmingham games. He loves southern foods, political discussions, missionary biographies, and spy stories. Finally, he is pleased for the opportunities of preaching, teaching, and encouraging fellow pilgrims along the pathways of ministry and service.

Hugh is a graduate of Southeastern Bible College (B.A.), Wheaton Graduate School (M.A.), and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (D. Miss.). He also has studied in the University of Alaska, U.A.B. Graduate School, and Grace Seminary.