Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees


Cost of Attendance 2015-2016

The following guide is to help students estimate their expenses for one semester at Southeastern Bible College. All tuition, fees, and room and board published on this site are subject to change.

Traditional courses $405 per credit hour
ACHIEVE Adult Education courses $305 per credit hour
Audit a course $175 per course
Single Occupancy $1,675 per semester
Double Occupancy $1,275 per semester
Food Service $850 per semester
Housing Deposit $200 (one-time, refundable deposit)
Traditional Student Services Fee $225 per semester
Books & Supplies (estimate) $400 per semester
ACHEIVE Student Service Fee (includes textbooks & syllabus) $50 per course


Payment of Account

Semester charges are due and payable on the day of Registration. If extended terms are needed, then the student must pay 50% of the total charges and make arrangements through a tuition payment partner selected by the college to cover the remaining balance. Contact the Business Office with any questions or concerns regarding payment of accounts.