Degrees Offered

 Degrees Offered


Bachelor of Arts Degrees: 

All SEBC students who complete traditional programs receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Bible and Theology. A second major in Christian Thought and History may be obtained through the Arts and Sciences Department. A second major in Elementary Education may also be obtained through the Education Department.

In the non-traditional ACHIEVE Adult Education program, students receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Leadership Ministries.

Arts and Sciences Program 

Effective Christ-centered living requires not only an understanding of Scripture but also an understanding of the world. Therefore, every degree program at Southeastern Bible College requires students to successfully complete a core of Arts and Sciences courses. The Department of Arts and Sciences supervises the development and quality of these core courses as well as the Bachelor of Arts Program in Arts and Sciences.

This program provides a second major in Christian Thought and History. A minor in Biology is also offered.

Biblical Studies Program 

The Department of Biblical Studies is the heart of Southeastern Bible College, providing a biblical foundation for every academic program. Our desire is to provide the greatest opportunity for Christian growth and professional development so that we may be faithful stewards of the joys and responsibilities received through Christ.

In addition to the Bible and Theology major, the Biblical Studies Program offers minors in:

• Biblical Studies (Degree Completion),
• Christian Ministries,
• Intercultural Ministries, and
• Pre-Seminary/Pastoral Ministries.

ACHIEVE Adult Education Program

SEBC offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership Ministries through the ACHIEVE Adult Education Program only.

Church Education Program 

A clear understanding of Scripture, combined with the ability to creatively and effectively communicate truth to individuals of all ages, is the primary focus of the Department of Education. As individuals study and meditate upon God’s Word, the arts and sciences should be mastered so that students develop a Biblical appreciation and response to our culture and the world at large. In order to fulfill these objectives, the Department of Education has established three areas of primary concentration: spiritual, intellectual, and professional growth.

This program offers minors in:
• Children’s Ministries,
• Counseling Ministries,
• Educational Ministries, and
• Youth Ministries.

Elementary Education Program

This program provides a second major in Elementary Education, in addition to the Bible and Theology major.

Associate of Arts Degrees:

SEBC offers Associate of Arts degrees through the following programs:

• The AA in Leadership Ministries is offered through the ACHIEVE Adult Education Program
• The AA in Biblical Studies is offered through the Biblical Studies Program.

Diploma in Biblical Studies:

The Diploma in Biblical Studies is offered as a one-year course of study under the Biblical Studies Program.

Degree Completion:

Degree completion may be accomplished through traditional classes in the Biblical Studies Program or
through .the ACHIEVE Adult Education Program.

Students graduating from SEBC with a four-year degree may also choose to pursue the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Bible Specialist certification for the K-12 classroom.