ACHIEVE Adult Education Program

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ACHIEVE Adult Education Program

Earn a Bachelor or Associate Degree
in Leadership Ministries.

Now you can prepare for a career that fully expresses your faith and convictions no matter how busy you are. Southeastern Bible College’s ACHIEVE Adult Education Program makes it possible to earn a degree in Leadership Ministries more conveniently than you ever thought possible – without giving up your current commitments. Once you have completed the ACHIEVE Adult Education Program’s accelerated core curriculum, you are ready for specialized training in Leadership Ministries.

Just One Night a Week
With the ACHIEVE Adult Education Program, you only need to attend class one night a week for 4 hours. On-campus classes meet on Tuesday nights during the first semester and on Monday nights each semester after that. Outside of class, there are assignments, practical projects and supplemental reading to enhance your classroom learning. Each course lasts 4 to 5 weeks with breaks between semesters.

Education Excellence at a Higher Level
Southeastern Bible College’s faculty members have the scriptural understanding necessary to present their academic disciplines through the powerful lens of a complete and coherent biblical world view. They understand that even the most advanced knowledge of today can only be fully understood and wisely applied through the filter of biblical truth. They will also equip you with the tools necessary to continue to grow in your biblical knowledge and apply that knowledge and experience wherever you are called to serve.

ACHIEVE Adult Education Placement Testing
Upon acceptance to the ACHIEVE Adult Education program you must take an initial placement test before registering for the program. Placement testing is required of all incoming Southeastern Bible College students including transfers and will occur at registration.  Contact Michelle Hower at 205-970-9253 to reserve a seat for placement testing.

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