Southeastern Bible College holds the distinctive educational philosophy that a thorough understanding of Scripture must be the foundation of the educational process. Biblical instruction for both doctrine and Christian maturity are merged just as they are in Scripture, thus providing students with the crucial integration of faith and practice.  This academic environment creates a context and pattern for mature, informed, and edifying interaction among individuals within our college family and our neighboring communities. 

Academics at Southeastern Bible CollegeAs students are exposed to the truth of God’s Word, they are compelled to respond appropriately with obedience to God and grace towards others. The Arts and Sciences core of the college seeks to develop students’ worldview and abilities to relate to our culture with relevance. This strong and diverse academic foundation brings breadth and depth to the educational curriculum. In addition to the Bible and Arts and Sciences core, professional courses are offered within each program of study at the college.  These courses are designed to either prepare students for a specific career path or to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for graduate studies.


Degrees Offered

All students who graduate from Southeastern Bible College earn:
Associates degree in Bible and Theology
Bachelors degree in Bible and Theology

The ACHIEVE Adult Education Program leads to a major in Leadership Ministries.


Southeastern Bible College has three academic departments, each providing a supportive and challenging environment.   
Biblical Studies Department
Arts & Sciences Department
Education Department

Our programs promote intellectual and spiritual growth, leadership potential, a sense of servant-hood and mission.

Southeastern Bible College Goals

It is the goal of Southeastern Bible College that through the learning opportunities available at this institution all students will:

  1. Evince a proficiency in knowledge of Scripture.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of a Christian worldview that integrates faith and learning.
  3. Manifest a Christian value system which is reflected in attitudes and relationships. 
  4. Demonstrate appropriate breadth and depth of knowledge in the areas of arts and sciences.
  5. Evince the ability to effectively serve Christ in accordance with one’s area of study.