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Title Security Team Member
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location Southeastern Bible College Campus
Job Information

Purpose: maintain safety on the campus for students and patrons on the school property during security shifts.
» Completing rounds as instructed (alternating inside and outside all areas with about a 10 to 15 minute break each hour if possible), including visiting certain required areas (i.e., library) for escorting or any other assistance which might be necessary.
» Shifts include M-F 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. and two shifts on Saturday (12 p.m. – 6 p.m. and 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. which can be combined)
» Security personnel will also need to open up (unlock) the school during the week
» Report suspicious persons/activities, depending upon severity of the situation using proper reporting procedure (a message or e-mail to the facilities director being the mildest and calling the police being the most severe)
» Responsible for turning out lights in all areas not “actively” in use, being sure that all lights are off before going off duty including all restrooms.
» Kitchens – check to make sure all ovens, coffee pots, & lights are turned off if no classes.
» Wearing the proper security attire to be recognized as security personnel by persons on the campus (student I.D. and security shirts)
» Being generally observant overall, reporting any unorthodox behavior/situations, or any problems with the facilities to the facilities director ASAP.
No specific experience required necessarily, though prior security experience is a plus.

Title Student Sound Tech Assistant
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location Southeastern Bible College Campus
Job Information

Supervisor: Facilities Director
Purpose: Manage sound, lights, and all involved with these things for events (including chapels) where required.
» Setting up and running sound and media for appropriate on-campus events ensuring that all technical needs are met and providing quality sound amplification, performing duties including but not limited to:
» Arriving at least 30 minutes before the start of services to run prescribed pre-service responsibilities
» Being alert and “smart” during the service, making adjustments as needed and not performing actions that will cause problems during the event.
» Tearing down, cleaning up, and re-checking equipment following event as prescribed.
» Wearing proper attire appropriate to the event, using your time efficiently, and reporting
» Reporting any problematic issues to the Chapel Coordinator, Music Advisor, and/or Facilities Director.

Prior experience running sound in a church setting or any other setting
At least an aptitude for acquiring the skills necessary to perform the tasks expected of you

Title Maintenance Assistant
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location Southeastern Bible College Campus
Job Information

Superior: Facilities Director
Purpose: aid in maintenance of buildings and grounds on Southeastern Bible College campus
» Responsible for keeping track of time worked by clocking in and out.
» Responsible to complete tasks which the maintenance supervisor assigns, including but not limited to:
» Replacement of light fixtures/bulbs/ceiling tiles
» Keeping the grounds clean and presentable (collecting trash, killing weeds, etc.)
» Making areas presentable for planned school events (cleaning, setting up tables/chairs,
» May occasionally be required to perform certain housekeeping duties, depending upon the need (collect trash, vacuum, etc.)
» Should keep an eye out for any areas in need of improving, repair, etc., and report these to the facilities director when necessary.
» Must have at least rudimentary knowledge in the area of mechanics, plumbing, and
» There are no credentials required, though certification/ licensing in the area of maintenance is a plus.

Title Library Student Worker
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location Gannett-Estes Library | SEBC Library
Job Information

Supervisor: The Librarian
Purpose: responsible for managing the library in the evenings and on weekends.
Hours: Monday – Friday 3 p.m. to close; Saturdays 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
» Regular Tasks: cover circulation desk (check-in and check-out materials), answer questions, shelve materials checked-in, retrieve materials on reserve for students, help students with computers, photocopier, etc.
» Occasional Tasks: catalog e-books, author/title check for gift books, process books (book jackets, taping), check faculty bibliographies against the catalog, shelf read (dust shelves), vacuum the carpet

Although previous library experience helps, it’s not a requirement. The only requirements for this position are a good work ethic and being detail-oriented.

Title Housekeeping
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location Southeastern Bible College Campus
Job Information

Supervisor: Custodial Supervisor, Facilities Director, or Facilities Assistant
Purpose: keep our campus clean
Educational Requirements: High school diploma or GED
» Clean Bathrooms
» Vacuum
» Dust
» Clean glass doors and windows
» Sweep entryways
» Collect garbage
» Steam clean carpet
» Clean desks and dry erase boards
» Sweep and mop applicable areas
» Remove marks from walls and doors
» Clean water fountains and restock cups
» Area of Responsibility: Administration Building, dorms (during school breaks)
» Preferred custodial experience
» Preferred Southeastern Bible College students but not required

Title Student Laboratory Worker
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location Southeastern Bible College Lab
Job Information

Supervisor: Professor/Instructor of Science
Purpose: maintain the science lab. Keep it in good operating condition.
Hours: negotiable
Education: High school diploma or GED
» Recording time/clock in and out appropriately
» Clean and maintain lab, making sure lab area is presentable
» Clean and maintain lab glassware and equipment
» Organize and store lab materials appropriately
» Prepare chemical solutions or mixtures per instructions
» Set up materials for student labs per instructions
» Clean up and store materials after student labs have finished
» Inventory/maintain list of lab supplies/materials/equipment
» Prepare lists of lab supplies that need to be ordered
» Weigh and discard lab wastes per instructions
» Maintain lab wastes logbook
» Clean and maintain saltwater fish tank
» List tank supplies used and list materials to reorder
» Prior lab experience helpful (including educational labs)
» Able to lift a five gallon bucket of water

Title Financial Aid Student Assistant
Categories Work Study
Salary Financial Aid
Location SEBC Financial Aid Office
Job Information

Supervisor: Financial Aid Office Administrator
Purpose: clerical work for the Financial Aid Office
» Maintain an “open door” policy to any and all students who may have questions regarding federal and institutional financial aid.
» Correspond with students through phone, which includes maintaining the OFA voicemail box.
» Correspond with students using the SEBC email account as well as Constant Contact.
» Data entry and preparations of documents in Word, Publisher, and Excel.
» Gather updated student information through the various student aid databases.
» File documents and organize files as requested by the administrator.    
» Order student aid publications as necessary.
» Creatively post information on the Financial Aid bulletin board.
» Represent the Financial Aid Office as needed at events such as Preview Day, Orientation, and Chapel.
» Maintain confidentiality.  
» Other duties as assigned.
» Strong organizational skills
» Communication skills
» Knowledge of PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel
» Experience in general office work helpful but not required
» Dress appropriately and modestly